Best Magic Shops in New York City

New York City has a long history with magic. In the early 1900s, famous escape artist Harry Houdini wowed audiences here with amazing tricks like getting out of handcuffs and straitjackets. New York is also home to the Society of American Magicians, started in 1902 to promote magic.

Today, New York still has lots of great magic shops. These fun stores are filled with tricks, tools, and accessories for all skill levels. The smart people who work there know everything about magic. Whether you’re just starting out or performing in shows, they have what you need.

This article talks about the top magic stores in New York City. We’ll learn about each store and what kinds of things you can find there. Then we’ll look at a ranked list of the best shops so you can explore New York’s magic resources.

1. Tannen’s Magic

I have visited Tannen’s Magic, the oldest operating magic shop in New York City. Originally opened by Louis Tannen in 1925, this wonderful store has been around for nearly 100 years! Over that time, Tannen’s has helped amateur magic lovers and famous magicians like Harry Houdini, David Copperfield and David Blaine. When you walk into their Herald Square shop, you’ll discover a huge collection of magic tricks, tools and accessories through books, DVDs, props and more.

Beyond just selling retail products, Tannen’s also offers great services to help magicians. We can take classes, workshops, lectures, and even attend their fun annual magic camp here. I always enjoy browsing the rare inventory, like Houdini’s original props and vintage magic items. Since Tannen’s is close to subways and buses, it’s easy for all of us magic-seekers in New York City to visit.

2. Fantasma Magic

Fantasma Magic makes and sells magic accessories and props to professional illusionists around the world. At their retail store near Penn Station, we can shop Fantasma-made gear plus items from other top magic brands. Whether you’re a beginner looking for starter trick kits and DVDs, or an expert seeking specialty accessories, Fantasma has it.

Some of my favorite parts of the Fantasma shop are the Houdini artifacts and live demos from experts like coin trick specialist David Roth. The modern two-story emporium has a youthful, fun atmosphere, with magic murals, dove boxes, and a rabbit named Rambo!

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3. Abracadabra NYC

Tucked away inside Abracadabra’s huge costume superstore is a treasure trove of magic tricks, props, and accessories. In the magic section, we can find over 300 items – from beginner card trick decks to professional grade prop boxes for body-slicing illusions. There’s also magic wands, disappearing object kits, DVDs, and more.

Prices range from a few dollars for basic tricks up to $800 for advanced props. So magic lovers of all skill levels can shop for gear suiting their needs and budget. Located in NYC’s Flatiron neighborhood, Abracadabra creatively fits its magic offerings into the store’s 13,000 square foot collection of costumes and novelties.

Experience the Magic of NYC’s Magic Shops

New York’s historic magic shops highlight the city’s rich connection to the story and community of magic and illusion. By visiting Tannen’s, Fantasma, and Abracadabra NYC, we can gain a deeper appreciation for this vibrant art form.

Wandering the aisles of these magical emporiums, I imagine the great Harry Houdini himself shopping for props just like any visiting fan. Each shop has its own magic flavor, welcoming casual audiences and seasoned professionals to carry on New York’s magical legacy into the future.

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