What’s Inside of a Magic 8 Ball? 

The answer to this question is really simple. The Magic 8 Ball is never based on magic. But it is just a little physics and randomness. You can dissect a ball very easily. But chill, you don’t need to dissect it at your home because we are here for you.

We will provide you a complete detailed information on what is inside a Magic 8 Ball. We will understand almost every piece of information related to the topic What’s Inside of a Magic 8 Ball? But before, let us start by gathering the basic knowledge.

Everything about Magic 8 Ball

Magic 8 Ball is a fortune-telling toy that is an emotion for every ’70s child. It’s shaped like a billiard ball, usually black, and features a clear window at the bottom, which offers playful and random responses to yes-or-no questions.

DIe of the Magic 8 Ball

The ball contains a 20-sided die inside it and a blue-coloured fluid filled in it.

Each side of the die is occupied by some random response, which is the answer to your asked question. You can see the die through the transparent window present at the bottom. 

Its responses range from positive affirmations like “Yes” or “Without a doubt” to negative ones like “No” or “Outlook not so good,” along with neutral or ambiguous responses such as “Ask again later” or “Cannot predict now.” Magic 8 Ball is known for its entertainment value rather than offering genuine predictions, serving as fun. 

The ball was invented by Albert C. Carter along with his brother-in-law Abe Bookman. The idea of this Magic toy was inspired by an earlier clairvoyant device used by Albert C. Carter’s mother, Mary, during the 1940s. Mary’s device consisted of a cylindrical object with a window that displayed different answers to questions.

inside magic 8 ball

Later on, Albert and Abe started their work and after a lot of hard work, they created this iconic Magic 8 Ball toy. In their earlier time, they initially made this toy and named it a syco-seer.

It evolved into the Magic 8 Ball we know today. They filed for a patent for the invention in 1946. 

The turning point for our syco-seer was when the founders decided to change the name of the toy. They kept the name “Magic 8 ball” in the 1970s, the time when the popularity of billiard balls was at its peak. People liked the name and the toy got a marketing boost.

People started noticing it, and slowly and steadily the Magic 8 Ball became so popular that you can find this toy at every toy store in America even till now. Changing the name was a game-changer for our magical toy. Let us move ahead and understand what is inside of a magic 8 ball.

What’s Inside of a Magic 8 Ball? 

No, the answer to this question is NOT MAGIC.

inside magic 8 ball

The Magic 8 Ball doesn’t have any magic or mystery inside it, it’s just a plastic ball with a die and fluid inside it. If you dissect it from the middle you might find another cylinder type of container in some of the Magic 8 Ball. But in most of the cases, it is just a plastic sphere, fluid and die. Let’s get further and understand everything in more detail.

  • Plastic Sphere

There is a plastic sphere which you can see externally. The exterior of the Magic 8 Ball resembles a billiard ball. You can see that the sphere has a little transparent window at its bottom, through which you can see the responses. 

  • 20-Sided Die (Icosahedron)

It is the core object which is the most important element for a Magic 8 Ball. You can see that the die is of 20 sides and every side is occupied with an answer. These responses range from affirmative, negative, or neutral phrases like “Yes,” “No,” “Ask again later,” or “Cannot predict now.”

  • Blue Liquid

The 20-sided die floats within a blue-coloured liquid, often mistaken for water. This liquid serves as a backdrop against which the responses become visible.

inside magic 8 ball

You can create one of your own Magic 8 Balls by following the easy steps given in the “How do we make a Magic 8 Ball” post.

How to Use the Magic 8 Ball?

To play with the Magic 8 Ball you need to ask a yes or no question to the ball. And after asking the question you need to shake the ball so that the die inside it also shakes. Once the die is rotated properly, you need to keep it still so that the die settles down at the bottom. You will be able to see it through the transparent window present at the bottom.

Using the Magic 8 Ball

Now you can see the response to your asked question from the transparent window. One side of the die will be visible from the bottom window. Like this, you can ask a question and play with the Magic 8 Ball.

This ball can even help you to take some random easy yes or no questions. But we suggest you not to use it for your life’s crucial decisions. This ball does not work on any magic but it works on randomness. 

Answers on the Magic 8 Ball

You can find 20 answers on an old Magic 8 Ball which are written on the 20 sides of the die present inside. But on the online Magic 8 Ball, u can get numerous responses. The answers present on the virtual Magic 8 Ball are programmed and added to the online website or app. The normal answers which are present on the real 20-sided die are given below. 

Answers on a Magic 8 Ball
  1. Yes, definitely.
  2. It is certain.
  3. Without a doubt.
  4. Yes, definitely.
  5. You may rely on it.
  6. As I see it, yes.
  7. Most likely.
  8. Outlook good.
  9. Signs point to yes.
  10. Reply hazy, try again.
  11. Ask again later.
  12. Better not tell you now.
  13. Cannot predict now.
  14. Concentrate and ask again.
  15. Don’t count on it.
  16. My reply is no.
  17. My sources say no.
  18. Outlook is not so good.
  19. Very doubtful.
  20. Definitely not.

There are a total of 20 answers of which 10 are positive, 5 negative and 5 neutral answers. The probability of getting a positive answer is higher than negative or neutral. 

I hope we have understood the whole concept of what is the Magic 8 Ball, what’s inside it and many more. So let us summarise everything at the end. 


In 2011, TIME Magazine named the Magic 8 Ball as one of the “All-TIME 100 Greatest Toys.” The Magic 8 Ball is truly the most loved toy in America. You can find these balls at almost every toy store around you in America. If you haven’t tried it yet, you must try it and experience the joy present in it.

I hope you liked the information that I provided you and helped you to understand the Magic 8 Ball in a more detailed view. Now, you don’t need to dissect your Magic 8 Ball to understand the working and materials. You can read the information given above and understand what is inside the Magic 8 Ball. 

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