Magic 8 Ball Making (DIY) | Step-by-Step guide to Make your Own Magic 8 Ball

Magic 8 Ball is one of the most loved and complete emotions for every ’70s kid. The concept on which the Magic 8 Ball works is very simple. You can even create your own Magic 8 Ball at your home in some very simple steps. 

In this post, we are going to discuss about How to make a Magic 8 Ball (DIY). We will provide you with the easiest method to create a Magic 8 Ball, even a child can make his ball through these simple steps. But before moving to the procedure let us first start gathering some very basic information. 

What is The Magic 8 Ball?

The Magic 8 Ball is a toy created by Albert C. Carter, co-founder of a well-known novelty manufacturing company named Alabe Crafts. It is a bigger ball similar to the billiard’s ball with a die inside it and a small window below. It is a hollow ball with a 20-sided die with 20 responses written on it.

How to make a Magic 8 Ball

You can ask yes, or no questions to the ball and then shake the ball and when you see the transparent window below, you will get a response.

The Magic 8 Ball consists of 20 answers of which 10 are positive, 5 are negative and 5 are neutral responses. When you shake the ball, the die inside it also shakes, and one side of the die with a response is visible through the window.

If you are a child of the 70s you must have tried this ball once in your lifetime. If you haven’t tried it even once in your lifetime, you can make one by following the easy steps given below. So, let us move towards that section, for which u have come to this post. 

Brief Information About the Founder

Albert C carter

Albert C. Carter was the co-founder of a novelty manufacturing company called Alabe Crafts. He’s best known for his contribution to creating the Magic 8 Ball. In the 1940s, Carter developed an earlier version called the Syco-Seer, a fortune-telling toy that inspired the eventual creation of the Magic 8 Ball.

Carter worked alongside his brother-in-law, Abe Bookman, to refine the Syco-Seer and transform it into the Magic 8 Ball. The journey of The Magic 8 Ball wasn’t very simple but very complex. It had come a long way since its origin. Ant today in America it is so popular that you can find this ball at every toy store.

Things Needed to Create a Magic 8 Ball

To make a Magic 8 Ball at your home within minutes. You will need some very basic things. Within 5 materials you will be able to create your Magic 8 Ball. 

things of How to make a Magic 8 Ball
  1. Glass jar (You can get any transparent jar)
  2. Foam (To write responses on)
  3. A marker (To write responses)
  4. Clay/Pastel colors (To color the jar)
  5. Water Repellent Glue (To stick)

It’s super easy to get these things in an ordinary home. We suggest you use old and used materials.

Equipment Needed to create a Magic 8 Ball

The create a Magic 8 Ball you will need some instruments, other than the basic material. We have provided you with a small list below, of the instruments you must be needed if you want to create a homemade Magic 8 Ball. You can get these things at your home easily. 

equipments of How to make a Magic 8 Ball
  1. Scissor
  2. Paintbrush
  3. A big dice (You can create one with clay)

Thats it! 

Let us quickly move towards the procedure section now.

How do you make a Magic 8 Ball (DIY)?

You can find a Magic 8 Ball at your nearest toy shop. But if you want to create one on your own, you can follow the steps given below. We have provided you with the easiest procedure available on the internet. 

How to make a Magic 8 Ball
  • Step 1: Clean the jar and fill it with water

Get any jar with a cap. You can use any transparent airtight jar of glass or plastic. You can even use any waste old jar. Clean it properly and fill it with clean water. 

  • Step 2: Make a dice 

You can get any big dice or create one using the clay. Once the die is created cut 1-1 inch square of the foam. And write responses on it of your choice. You can write any answer like “yes, no, maybe, ???, for sure and ask later”. Stick the response’s written foam pieces on the square-shaped die of clay. Stick them properly.

  • Step 3: Put the die inside the jar
die and jar

Keep the die inside the jar and close it with the cap. Close the jar properly so that it does dont leak. You can take some amount of water if the die is not getting into the jar. 

  • Step 4: Seal the lid

You can seal the lid of the jar using the glue gun. Seal pack the jar using the glue gun so that water doesn’t leak. You can even use waterproof wraps. 

  • Step 5: Color the jar

Once you are done following the steps given above, color the jar with pastel colors. Color it till the whole jar has become opaque except a small portion at the bottom of the jar, to see responses. You can even even cover the jar with clay to make it opaque. 

  • Step 6: Decorate the jar if you want

You can decorate the jar using colors and clay. You can use different colors to make the jar more colorful and attractive. 

You can make a very beautiful and working Magic 8 Ball. You just need to follow these easy steps given above. The Magic 8 Ball is a very basic toy that can be made with the help of basic materials and procedures. 

Creating Magic 8 Ball easily

How to make a Magic 8 Ball

The Magic 8 Ball is a very basic toy with only 2 things inside it. Water and a die with answers on it. Even children can make the ball by following the steps given in this post. I guarantee you that the steps which I provided you are the easiest steps available on the internet. 

You can use the Magic 8 Ball by asking a question about it and then shaking the ball properly. Once the dice are settled at the bottom you can look at it and decide the answer to your confusing questions. I think we have understood the How do you make a Magic 8 Ball (DIY).


The Magic 8 Ball is the greatest of all time toy. It doesn’t work on any magic or unknown thing but a very simple concept of randomness. The Magic 8 Ball has been a very popular toy in America, since the 1970s. The Magic 8 Ball has seen a very slow and steady way. And it has a very long way since its origin. 

I hope you liked the information that I provided you in this post. I hope this information will help you in making a Magic 8 Ball toy very easily by following a very simple procedure. 

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