Most Top magic shops in Chicago City

Chicago has fun history about magic tricks and shows. Two famous magicians met here long ago. They inspired each other and became legends. After that, magic shows got less popular for some time. But later, people wanted fun entertainment again. Clever Chicago magicians started doing cool “close-up” tricks at little clubs and bars. They make small things disappear right in front of people!

Nowadays, Chicago still enjoys this kind of magic. Places like Magic Lounge have magicians surprise customers right at their tables! Many restaurants and hotels also hire magicians to entertain guests up close. At Midwest Magic store, clerks show off all kinds of magic products. People who love tricks can shop there and learn. Chicago invites everyone to see and even try magic tricks themselves.

More than just for fun, best magic shops in Chicago culture connects people. Teachers pass down secrets, newcomers feel welcome to practice, and fans rediscover childlike wonder. Visitors find an open place to gain creativity, confidence, and friendships through marvels and mysteries.

So where are the top Chicago spots to experience this rich magic heritage now? Here are some insider picks of shops keeping the enchantment going.

Ash’s Magic Shop

Ash’s Magic Shop has a fun history like its colorful, cluttered inside. Iraqi immigrant Ashod “Mr. Ash” Baboorian started doing comedy magic shows at Chicago bars and clubs in the 60s and 70s. In 1985, he opened his Lincoln Square shop near the popular New York Lounge. He sold magic tricks and props to other close-up artists. Today, the cozy store overflows with odd posters, old photos, strange knickknacks, and bins stuffed with gags, costumes, puzzles and classic tricks.

While having some stuff for stage magic, Ash’s specializes in sleight-of-hand that magicians do up close in bars and restaurants. The staff themselves are experienced close-up performers. They show illusions right at tables and provide tips on routines. Customers can hang out, swap secrets and get delightfully fooled by clerks casually doing magic behind the counter.

Though owner Ashod Baboorian passed away recently, his family keeps running the beloved shop. More than a business, Ash’s Magic Shop stays a spirited neighborhood place promoting Chicago’s magic heritage. Visitors instantly feel part of an inclusive community spanning from old-time sideshow stars to internet illusionists engaging modern fans.

With many choices for beginners and pros, visitors discover real magic learning from and playing with the skilled staff. Beyond tricks, the space overflows with stories and allure built up over decades. For an intimate, real magic experience soaked in local tradition, Ash’s Magic Shop is a must-see.

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Magic Inc.

Tracing its Chicago roots to the Ireland Magic Company started in 1926, Magic Inc. has run over 95 straight years. After some downtown locations, the shop settled into its current Ravenswood spot with over 10,000 products. Magic Inc. has unbeatable varieties from cards, coins, cups, balls, silks, candles, vanishing boxes plus collectible keepsakes, vintage posters and rare illusion books from the 1500s onward.

Beyond selling, Magic Inc. interacts as a hub for wonder and mastery through classes, talks and events. Learn directly from resident experts and visiting star performers in a welcoming place where top pros gladly share secrets. Magic Inc. also stages public shows, private meetings, and streams online content to further their teaching mission.

With stuffed shelves, custom recommendation services, and hands-on learning chances, Magic Inc. is a prime spot for magic fans at all skill levels. Visitors can find one-of-a-kind treasures while being wowed by staff as skilled with illusions as with customer service.

Midwest Magic

With over 14,000 items covering cards, coins, cups and balls, Midwest Magic calls itself the world’s biggest magic store. But it’s not just the huge stock that impresses. Midwest Magic pushes hands-on fun, with skilled staff showing cool illusions to surprise and baffle browsing customers. Experts also offer magic tutorials, performance tips and industry advice in a welcoming space to spark creative growth.

Beyond tricks, Midwest Magic boasts a magic book selection rivalling any on earth. Browse comprehensive choices on techniques, history and magician stories while resident performers share insights from their deep knowledge. Whether a beginner seeking their first trick or seasoned pro researching that rare 15th century magic book, Midwest Magic enables discovery.

Though located in Franklin Park, Midwest Magic draws magic devotees from all over Chicago by providing an unmatched hands-on retail experience. Visitors immerse themselves in magic learning and community – getting fooled by counter clerks’ sudden tricks, debating veterans on theory, or connecting with fellow local artists.

For interactive education through huge products and learned staff plus a social culture building interpersonal magic skills, Midwest Magic is a prime Chicago area destination beyond basic tricks and props.

The Magic Continues

From 19th century sideshows to big downtown theaters, Chicago magic has changed yet continues engaging audiences today. Shops like Ash’s Magic Store and Magic Inc. offer starter tricks alongside rare historical treasures for collectors. Midwest Magic claims the world’s largest retail selection with knowledgeable staff doing illusions live. For intimate shows, Chicago Magic Lounge has roving close-up artists surprising tables. So whether buying a first magic kit or seeing masters in action, Chicago has interactive magic for all.

More than products and shows, the local scene builds an inclusive culture. Novices learn techniques passed down for centuries while growing their confidence and stage skills. Veteran performers share hard-won wisdom and passion with newcomers. By enabling skill-building within a welcoming community, retail spaces and venues keep Chicago magic going strong.

From magic-filled shops holding secrets spanning centuries to grand halls where history happened, Chicagoans and visitors can experience magic’s continuing marvels. Explore featured stores to find unique gifts, study rare books, and get delighted by sudden counter demos. Or visit top parlors and lounges to catch famed illusionists over cocktails. Wherever you choose, let Chicago’s vibrant magic culture spark your imagination and rediscover childlike wonder.

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